Gas Bar CTC-1

The CTC Gas Bar Series 1 Coupons were introduced in 1958. These coupons were issued at Gas Bars and were redeemable only at Canadian Tire stores.

This is the only series to feature the 'Rural Scene' on the reverse.

There is no plate date on these coupons.

There are coupons with both a 5-digit and a 6-digit serial number.

The signature of Fred Sasaki is misspelled as "Saski".

Issue Date:
F. Sasaki / A. Billes
BABN [British American Bank Note]
Square, Black on Coloured Square
Serial #:
1-On Front: Red, 5 or 6-digit, Single-Letter Prefix
There are no listed varieties for this series.
Bilodeau # Prefix Denom Colour    
Description/Comments Serial Number Grade
CTC 1-A A Green
Standard Coupon - 5 Digit Serial A 18066 VF
CTC 1-A A Green
NA Inc
Standard Coupon - 6 Digit Serial A 103712 AU
CTC 1-As2 A Green
NA Inc
Specimen A 310985 UNC
CTC 1-B B 10¢ Red
Standard Coupon - 5 Digit Serial B 69068 EF
CTC 1-B B 10¢ Red
NA Inc
Standard Coupon - 6 Digit Serial B 207193 VF
CTC 1-Bs2 B 10¢ Red
NA Inc
Specimen B 575978 UNC
CTC 1-C C 25¢ Violet
Standard Coupon C 108175 EF
CTC 1-Cs2 C 25¢ Violet
NA Inc
Specimen C 340958 UNC
CTC 1-D D 50¢ Orange
Standard Coupon D 33666 Good
CTC 1-E E $1 Brown
Standard Coupon E 12829 VF