Gas Bar Coupons
CTC 3-C-X "Wandering X" WanderingX.html NA
CTC 7 "Hook, Scratch, Stalagmites" Hook.htm NA
CTC 7-B "B" Varieties B.html NA
CTC 7-E "C" Varieties C.html NA
CTC 7-J "M" Varieties M.html NA
CTC 7-8 "Arm To Leg" ArmToLeg.html NA
CTC 7-8 "Face Dot" FaceDot.html NA
CTC 7-8 "New Broken Border" NewBrokenBorder.html NA
CTC 7-8-9 Pacific Islands PacIsles.html NA
CTC 7-8-9 Map of Canada MapCan.html NA
CTC 7-8-9 Queen Charlottes QueenC.html NA
CTC 7-8-9 Hudson Bay HBay.html NA
CTC 8 Broken K in Sasaki KBreaks.html NA
Store Coupons
S 1-2-3 Broken 2's S123Broken2.html V19 #4 P84
S 4 Missing Serif - Left/Right 7's S7MissingSerif7.html B-27-28
S 4-5-6 Different 7's S456Different7.html B-28
S4-5-6 Missing Serif - Left/Right 2's S456MissingSerif2.html B-29
S4 Crooked 5's (Right Side Orange # Position 7) S4Crooked5.html B-29
S4 Broken 5's (Left/Right, Position 1-7) S4Broken5.html B-39
S4 Flat 6's B-32 B-32
S4-D Black Dot After "Dean" S4DeanDot.html V20 #1 P15
S4-5 Close Serial Numbers S4S5CloseNumbers.html B-34
S4-5-6 Broken 3 - Left/Right S456Broken3.html B-40
S 11-B White Stripe Variety WhiteStripe.html NA
S11 Square Digits S11SquareDigits.html B-30 Vol 3-1
S11 Bob Hope Nose S11BobHope.html B-31
S11 Duck Tail 5's S11DuckTail.html Vol 19-3 P57
Misc. Coupons
Double Your Money Coupons DYM_Coupons.pdf Collector_DYM.pdf
Gas War Savings Coupons GWSC.pdf GWSC.pdf
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Variety Summary Variety Summary NA