Store Series S-25

Wayne Sales became the President and CEO of CTC in August 2000 and the S25 Series was issued to continue the S24's but with Wayne's signature.

As with the S24's the S25's still used the 1996 BABN S20 plates and the 4MM serial numbers.

The S25 series also continued the new insert-style replacement notes with a block of replacement coupons just above the regular coupon range.

Only the 10¢ coupon was issued in this series.

The numbering commenced from where the S20-Ca Replacement notes left off.

Issue Date:
2001 [Collector: Vol. 11, #3, Page 49]
Stanley Pasternak / Wayne Sales
BABN [British American Bank Note]
Square, Coloured on Bottom Right White Square
Serial #:
2-On Reverse: Black, Large [4mm] 10-digit, 2 Prefix
There are no documented varieties in the Bilodeau
Bilodeau # Prefix Denom Colour    
Description/Comments Serial Number Grade
S25-C 2 10¢ Red
Standard Coupon 2015519933 UNC
S25-Ca 2040 10¢ Red
Replacement Coupon 2040047462 UNC