Store Series S-14

The CTC S14 Series Store Coupon was a short test run released in 1991 as a supplemental production in the middle of the S13 series. The serial numbers fit into the S13 production and had two leading zeros added to replace the prefix letter.

After this run, distribution returned to the S13 series.

Only 10¢ and 25¢ coupons were issued in the S14 series.

There are no replacement coupons identified in this series.

The printing plate date is 1987.

It is difficult to find well centered notes in this series.

Issue Date:
1991 [Collector: Vol. 2, #2, Page 4]
Douglas Heuman / Dean Groussman
CBN [Canadian Banknote Co]
Round, White on Black Circle
Serial #:
2-On Reverse: Red, Small [3mm] 10-digit, No Prefix (00)
No varieties listed in Bilodeau for this series.
Bilodeau # Prefix Denom Colour    
Description/Comments Serial Number Grade
S14-C 00 10¢ Red
Standard Coupon 0010172155 UNC
S14-D 00 25¢ Violet
Standard Coupon 0011006969 UNC