Store Series S-12

In 1991, because of the demand for the long abandoned 3¢ coupon by some outlying stores, CTC had a 360,000 coupon reprint done of the 1974 CTC S4-A three cent square denomination issue.

The Cdn Bank Note Co. had been using the large serial numbers (4mm) when they last printed the 3¢ coupon, however this series was printed using the smaller (3mm) serial numbers that CBN had used on their last issue, the S-9. (The S10 & S11 was printed by BABN and used large serial numbers.) The serial numbers were smaller, however, they do continue in sequence where the S4-A notes left off at 3,577,000.

This series has no plate date and also retained the Gas Bar redemption wording that had been withdrawn since 1985.

The signatures are the same as on the S-4 issue, even though Douglas Heuman and Dean Groussman had been signing all the current issues by this time.

The only known replacement coupons are Same Number Replacements and they can only be identified by comparing the coupon size with that of the bracket coupons.

Issue Date:
1991 [Collector: Vol. 1, #3, Page 1]
F.Y. Sasaki / Dean Muncaster
CBN [Canadian Banknote Co]
Square, Coloured on Black Square
Serial #:
2-On Reverse: Red, Small [3mm] 7-digit, Two-Letter Prefix
No varieties listed in Bilodeau for this series.
Bilodeau # Prefix Denom Colour    
Description/Comments Serial Number Grade
S12-A XN Blue
Standard Coupon XN 3936151 UNC