Store Series S-16

The CTC S16 Series Store Coupon was released in mid 1992 by CBN to extend the previous series to include a $2 coupon. This reflected a spike in gas prices in 1991.

The Pasternak signature was changed to Gerry Kishner, CTC's Exec VP Finance & Administration and CFO.

Only the $2 coupon was issued in this series.

Replacement coupons were issued with a 9 prefix in the serial number.


Issue Date:
1992 [Collector: Vol. 3, #2, Page 24]
Gerry Kishner / Hugh Macaulay
CBN [Canadian Banknote Co]
Square, Coloured on Coloured Square
Serial #:
2-On Reverse: Black, Small [3mm] 10-digit, No Prefix (0)
There are no documented varieties in the Bilodeau
Bilodeau # Prefix Denom Colour    
Description/Comments Serial Number Grade
S16-G 0 $2 Burgundy
Standard Coupon 0002147510 UNC
S16-G1 0 $2 Burgundy
NA Inc.
Compressed Serial # __________ ___
S16-Ga 0 $2 Burgundy
Replacement Coupon 9000000918 EF